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Saturday November 9, 2013 2:09 pm

PHOTO: Justin Bieber’s Racist Graffiti

Justin Bieber's graffiti

Although most Beliebers can get behind Justin Bieber's crazy antics the past several months, he has seem to have finally offended some with a recent photo of his graffiti.

Apparently not having learned anything from his arrest in Brazil for plastering graffiti on a hotel, the singer uploaded the above picture of his new artwork on Instagram with a caption reading, “This is my escape.” Should we be worried that he'll be running off to shave his head and then wearing a Marilyn Monroe wig the following day?

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What's more disconcerting is his graffiti itself, which seems to have racist undertones. “Does he think we're all monkeys?” one user wrote on Twitter in regards to Justin's photo. The incident comes just weeks after Julianne Hough raised online eyebrows with her blackface on Halloween.

Hopefully this trend of racist celebrity actions comes to an end soon.

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