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Sunday February 17, 2008 2:03 pm

Paul McCartney Makes Heather Mills a Millionaire

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Paul McCartney, Heather MillsCome next week, will not just be the most-hated women in Britain, she’ll also be one of the wealthiest.

According to UK’s Daily Mail, there may finally be an end to the -Heather Mills divorce saga.  The two, who announced their separation back in May 2006, have been negotiating in court over the past week.  The Beatle and the contender were married back in June 2002.

The Mail claims Mills is expected to receive a $110 million settlement.  That figure is based on $40 million lump sum for her, and approximately $5 million per year for the McCartney heir up until the age of 18.  (Beatrice is currently 4-years-old.)  Stella’s half-sis will also have a $2 million trust waiting for her when she comes of age.  In all, Mills will be raking in approximately $27.5 million for each year she was married to the music legend.

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Daily Mail

Now Mills will only be able to receive that financial windfall if she agrees to keep her trap shut.  That means no more public (or written) statements about the demise of their marriage.  Dang.  I must admit - it’ll be kind of sad to see all that come to an end.

To relive one of Heather’s classic television moments, check out the video below:



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