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Friday June 6, 2008 4:55 pm

Paris Hilton Denies Baby Rumors

Paris Hilton and Benji MaddenBaby! Baby! Baby! Insert random star name here! The baby rumors are flying fast and thick - some are true, others are not. But everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon and searching carefully for that telltale bump under that party frock. And if you can’t beat ‘em…join ‘em. Baby! Baby! Baby! !

Is that chic green gown Paris is wearing meant to hide or show off that rounded tummy she seems to be sporting? Despite appearances - listen, bad lighting can be blamed for a lot - Hilton’s reps deny the heiress is expecting.

That doesn’t mean Hilton is ruling out the possibility. “I do want a baby,” Paris told the press. “Not yet because I’m so busy, but next year.”

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Well, I know she has mentioned a few different times that she wants to have a baby eventually, but I agree that the media should not automatically assume these wild rumors without having any solid proof (besides a supposed picture).  Though the picture does make me wonder as well…

WOW, She looks pregnant and is that Nicole Richie guy? Man Paris gets around

How can she say that she isn’t pregnant when it is clearly visible that she is. I din’t know this news that paris is pregnant, I thing this is the best that ever happened to paris till now, but i don’t get why she’s ignoring, does she don’t care about human values.


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