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Friday June 6, 2008 11:32 am

Mischa Barton Loves Spandex

Mischa Barton is in love with bad fashion!

Seriously, did we miss a UFO that swapped bodies with the Mischa Barton we all used to love and adore?

Acting like she has A-list status by turning down good roles, completely bailing on producers for work she’s able to actually get, and now this fashion debacle!

I personally loved Mischa when she was on The O.C., cried when she left, and continued to keep up with what she wore because she was a rising fashion icon. With getups like this fringe-friendly, seventies-inspired top, spandex tights, and dated UGG boots, who am I to look up to now?

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We can still see here that she was clearly lying when she claimed that photographers Photoshopped cellulite on her. Judging from these pictures, she can’t really hide her obvious weight gain. For someone who used to love and know quite a bit about photographers and cameras, Mischa has clearly forgotten one golden rule: the camera doesn’t lie.



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