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Monday June 9, 2008 2:28 pm

Miley Cyrus Starts Dating Older Backup Dancer

Miley Cyrus dating 22 year-old MarshallFifteen year-old super star Miley Cyrus has again forged down her road to becoming the next Britney Spears, and quite frankly, it’s a lot sooner than any of us could have guessed. Just as Britney hooked up with (eventually marrying) her backup dancer, Kevin Federline, little Miley has already taken to her own backup dancer, Marshall.

Miley has one-upped her predecessor by dating a backup dancer who is seven years her senior! Keep in mind, too, that she still has to endure three more years until she’s legal.

Although the Hannah Montana star’s rep has not commented upon the matter, the couple’s P.D.A. caught on tape provide us more than enough confirmation.

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Think Fashion

Thanks a lot, Miley. For awhile, you actually had me fooled that despite all those pictures, you were slightly more respectable than either of your counterparts, Jamie Lynn and Ali Lohan.

If eyebrows at the police department were raised at Jamie Lynn Spears’ beau, Casey Aldridge, for having sexual intercourse with the sixteen year-old Spears (he’s believed to be 18 or 19), I’m sure Marshall could be arrested on the spot if that information leaked to officials. Even if they are “in love,” the least Cyrus could do is dodge the cameras when wanting to give her boy toy a smooch. Oh Miley, what are we to do with you?



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