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Friday June 6, 2008 8:35 am

Johnny Depp Extends Island Visit to Lindsay Lohan

Johnny Depp and Lindsay Lohan at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards

Very much like Mel Gibson extended a helping hand to fallen pop star Britney Spears, sexy Sweeney Todd star Johnny Depp invited a troubled Lindsay Lohan to his Caribbean island! Tabloids could not be any happier.

Upon meeting her at the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday, Johnny welcomed the confused actress to his own private island, aptly named F*** Off Island. He and his longtime partner, Vanessa Paradis, travel there to escape the paparazzi (as I’m sure everyone remembers how Johnny has dealt with them in the past).

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Show Biz Spy

While I don’t see any reason as to decline an offer like this from , Lohan is a bit demented, so we shall see. Perhaps it will do her some good—it appearsto be working for Britney.



Britney has really been out of the news lately… the last time I read about her and saw her on TV was on How I Met Your Mother and she did a wonderful job in that—the one time she was actually good at acting!

Is jonny depp’s island really named after f*** off, i heard that he bought and island but i din’t know that he’s island’s name is really that strange


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