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Tuesday October 12, 2010 5:31 pm

David Arquette Opens Up (His Big Mouth) to Howard Stern

Courteney Cox and David Arquette

UPDATE: You can read Arquette’s apology for the interview here.

I may not know Courteney Cox, but I’m guessing she’s the type of girl who wouldn’t appreciate her estranged husband doing something like this … especially if he wants to reconcile.

One day after news of their separation leaked out, a bitter-sounding David Arquette decided to make his private marital issues public. And how did he choose to go about doing that? By talking to Howard Stern.

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During an interview on the Sirius program, Arquette revealed how long it had been since they last had sex (about 4 months ago), how many times he has had sex with non-girlfriend Jasmine Waltz (once, maybe twice) and what Courteney told him after their 11th anniversary (“I don’t want to be your mother anymore”).

Uhh – based on that childish interview, we can entirely see where the mothering actress is coming from.

David was smart enough, though, to at least sprinkle a few compliments in the chat. “She’s the greatest woman that’s ever lived,” he insisted.



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