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Tuesday April 29, 2008 10:58 am

Christian Coalition Upset with Miley Cyrus Photos

Miley Cyrus, Vanity Fair

As you’ve probably all heard by now, controversy has arisen from Miley Cyrus’ recent photo shoot for Vanity Fair.  Some of the pics - taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz - show a topless Miley draped by a sheet.  (You can see a behind-the-scenes photo above.) 

Although she see seemed fine with how things were going at the time, the singer is now apparently “embarrassed” by the results.  (Methinks ‘s disapproval had something to do with that ounce of regret.)

Of course, it didn’t take very long for the Christian Coalition to jump on the bandwagon and offer up their two cents on the matter.  The organization doesn’t feel like a written apology from the 15-year-old is quite enough.  They believe the star should be reprimanded by her bosses and be forced to hold a press conference.  “If she’s gonna go out there and represent wholesome values, she needs to be more accountable for her actions.”

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Whether you agree with them or not, we all know this will never happen.  Disney has a reputation of being all talk but no action.  They love to gently scold their troubled teens in the media while keeping an eye on their bottom line.  Seriously—how could they possibly punish her?  By halting production on the next movie?  By taking away the girl’s personal computer and camera?  By removing all her TVs?  (Oh, if you haven’t heard—Miley has stupidly admitted that Sex and the City is her favorite TV show.)

Once this ‘embarrassment’ period is over, everything will simply go back to the way things once were.  If you don’t believe me, just look at .  Haven’t we all forgotten about her already?

(You can find more stories about Miley and her photos here.)



I think that Miley’s WORSE than Vanessa and Jaime Lynn—at least they owned up to what they did. I love how Miley blames it on Vanity Fair. Pleaaaase.

Ok, shes the face of Disney, it’s her career. Our kids watched her TV show and listen to her music because she’s good at what she does but that doesn’t mean she’s responsible for raising our kids. It’s the parents responsibilities to be a role model to our kids and if we are looking for someone famous for our kids to look up to, then that’s our fault not the actor.  The point is Miley, Vanessa, jamie lynn, so on, they are their own person, they’re kids and they grow up and they’re going to make decisions that they want to do or explore just like all of us. Just because our kids love their music, love their TV show doesn’t mean they should be role models and example to our kids. It is us parents who are responsible to take that place in raising our children not the actors. Obviously they are doing a damn good job in their career in this point of their life time, that’s why our kids love them so much.


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