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Monday June 9, 2008 5:12 pm

Billy Ray Cyrus’ Creepy Nashville Star Ad

Billy Ray Cyrus' questionable ad for Nashville StarPerhaps I just can’t quite shake that disturbing father-daughter pose out of my head. Perhaps something is just a bit wrong in my head? Whatever it is, I cannot quite get over how disturbing this Billy Ray Cyrus ad appears to me.

The ad, hyping up the Hannah Montana star’s new gig hosting the talent show Nashville Star (he replaced Jewel, who is now a judge on the series), just comes off as incredibly creepy to me! I looked over at my Pandora tab, and there it was.

Am I just wanting to imagine that the girl in the bathing suit is his daughter, Miley Cyrus, intensely looking at her father as he seductively looks in return? Honestly, if you remove the boy to the left and the flags, could it not look more like a romantic getaway on the beach? Why does it have to be at the beach, where the girl is wearing barely nothing? When I think of an “All-American Summer,” I think of the park, barbecues, backyards and such—why the beach?

Okay, so maybe I just need help. I blame the tabloids!



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