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Friday March 7, 2008 1:44 pm

Bai Ling Pleads Guilty to Shoplifting

Bai Ling pulls a Winona at LAXConsequences have finally come back around to the sexy-yet-eccentric Chinese actress , who pulled a Winona last month at LAX, shoplifting a pack of batteries, and, ironically, tabloids.

Ling pleaded guilty on Wednesday to disturbing the peace, agreeing to pay over $700 in penalties and fines. Definitely beats any time in the can, though, right?

Later that evening, the Southland Tales actress confusingly claimed, “I told you the truth is going to be told and I am innocent!!!” on her blog. Ling, who also appeared in the cult hit, The Crow, also stated that she “will drink a sexy red wine tonight after filming and celebrate! I am smiling for real!”

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New York Post

A pack of batteries and tabloids? Come on, Ling—at least Ryder tried to take home decent, expensive clothes. Then again, both of them have no right to be stealing, with their paychecks.



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