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Tuesday February 5, 2008 2:13 pm

50 Cent Brings Paris Hilton To Tears

Paris Hilton crying was caught crying at a party, and it had nothing to do with the ’ bitter defeat.

Hilton hosted the pre-Super Bowl bash in Arizona last week and was dancing in front of partygoers. But when , the party guest of honor, showed up, things got ugly.

Paris attempted to dance on stage with the rapper, who was unfortunately having none of it. 50 Cent shouted “Get the F—K off my stage.” Paris then broke down in tears, crying to a party planner “but it’s my party.”

PageSix.com reports that several members of Hilton’s entourage swarmed paparazzi at the party, but weren’t able to stop photos of Hilton tearing up from being taken. The site also reports that Hilton and 50 Cent still remain friends after the incident.

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