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Thursday March 6, 2008 2:49 pm

Oprah Duped by Another Writer

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Oprah, James FreyUnless you’ve recently come out of hibernation, you were aware of the issue between and James Frey a while back.  After Winfrey selected his book, A MIllion Little Pieces, for her book club in October 2005, the talk show host was blindsided by controversial news:  the ‘memoir’ was partially made up.

Although it’s been over two years since Frey received a very public scolding from Oprah on her show, it seems the mogul’s peeps have not learned their lesson.  While you would think they had a very large fact-checking operation going on - heaven forbid she be embarrassed again - they’ve let another supposed ‘memoir’ get past their sensors.

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This time around, Winfrey’s stamp of approval came via her magazine, O.  A recent issue praised a book written by Margaret B. Jones (Love and Consequences) as a “startingly tender memoir.”  Unfortunately, the novel about a ‘biracial gangbanger’ was actually authored by Margaret Seltzer - a woman from the San Fernando Valley.  The best part of this latest scandal?  It was Margaret’s own sister who ratted her out!

Reacting to the revelation, the magazine’s editor-in-chief said, “While it was a great read, we now know that it should have been classified as fiction, rather than as a memoir.”


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