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Tuesday January 13, 2009 9:07 pm

Off-Screen Romance for Mamma Mia Stars

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Mamma Mia's Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper

UPDATE: You can read what Cooper’s ex-girlfriend has to say about his new relationship here.

Mamma Mia may already be a huge hit on DVD, but I think this gossip could give the film an extra push.

According to the Daily Mail, on-screen lovebirds and Dominic Cooper are a couple in real life as well. The two, who were both in relationships at the time they met, were caught showing public displays of affection in London last week.

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In a recent interview with the paper, Seyfried, 23, acknowledged the connection she felt with Cooper, 30, during filming. It was this attraction that led her to breakup with her then boyfriend (actor Jesse Marchant). “The fact that I felt something in my heart for [Dominic] made me feel that something was definitely wrong – I sat and thought about it for weeks… We just spent time together and it was something nice.” Although Amanda and Dominic were supposedly not together by the time the movie wrapped, it clearly appears that the two are seeing each other once again.

Does this mean Cooper’s long-term relationship with his ex is officially over? His new lady might not even know for sure. When asked if Dominic was still dating Joanna Carolan, Seyfried responded: “Not really…sort of. I shouldn’t talk about it really because I don’t even know. But you know, it was 12 years; he’ll probably end up with her. He’s my best friend and I want nothing but the best for him.”



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