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Saturday January 17, 2009 11:56 pm

Joaquin Phoenix: The Rapper?

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UPDATE: Sources are now claiming that Phoenix’s new rapping career is an elaborate hoax.

Either we’re all being punked…or this will be the most interesting film about a “musician” since Dewey Cox.

On Friday night, Joaquin Phoenix - who announced last year that he was giving up acting for music - put on his very first vocal performance before a Las Vegas crowd. Instead of Johnny Cash, clubgoers at LAVO were treated to three songs from an entirely different type of genre: rap.

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Yes, rap. The bearded Walk the Line star is - believe it or not - currently working on an a hip-hop album with producer Sean Combs. This weekend’s gig will be included in a documentary that Casey Affleck (Joaquin’s brother-in-law) is directing on the 34-year-old’s career transition.

So what do you think of Phoenix’s debut? Does he have the chops to make it in the music scene…or will Diddy eventually have to discard him like Aubrey O’Day?



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