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Sunday August 28, 2005 7:03 am

Nothing Beats Face-to-Face Interaction, Even On The Internet

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So, I am taking a break from packing as I prepare to shut down this iMac before unplugging it and putting it into its box in preparation of our move tomorrow. We are moving ourselves, along with Gear Live Media, from Olympia, WA up to Seattle, WA. The 60 mile move is due to the large community of technology and entreprenurial minded folks that I usually get to communicate with over email, but rarely get to see face to face. A few months ago, I realized the value of face-to-face interaction when I went to GnomeDex. Yes, email is a great tool for the Internet entrepreneur - but you just can’t beat the value of sitting down with someone to talk and share ideas.

Slowly, I began to realize that if I really wanted Gear Live Media to grow, I needed to be inside the community rather than driving up for visits when I have time. You wouldn’t believe the number of dinners I have had to turn down simply because the reservation time was too soon if I wanted to make the hour and a half trip up to Seattle. I will now be able to more of the likes of Chris Pirillo, Robert Scoble, David Geller...the list goes on.

The other nice thing about Seattle for the mobile professional is that it is the most wireless city in the country. Seattle has more WiFi hotspots than anywhere else in the country. If that fails, the place has recently been upgraded by Verizon and is now EV-DO capable. That will go very nice with my Audiovox XV6600, as I can use DUN over USB or Bluetooth to connect from anywhere that is within range of Verizon’s towers.

So yes, you can always work from anywhere if you are on the Internet. However, if you truly want to maximize the potential of your business, location can be key. In my situation, it certainly allows for far more networking opportunities, as well as business opportunities that I can explore which I wouldn’t have been able to do from Olympia.

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