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Friday June 24, 2005 1:44 pm

GnomeDex: Chris Pirillo Opens The Show

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Chris Pirillo opened the show, welcoming everyone to GnomeDex 5.0. Below are some of the key points of his opening. Interestingly enough, the Bell Harbor Conference Center here in Seattle had to upgrade their WiFi system for all the GnomeDexers. The best part was his mom came down to start snapping images, distracting Chris and causing a breakout of laughter. Chris took it in stride, walking over to give his mom a kiss. The GnomeDex WiKi is up as well.

Thank You’s:

  • Ponzi, Lockergnome’s CEO
  • Bob Fogarty, LockerGnome’s Editor
  • Jake Ludington, Chris Pirillo Show Partner
  • Steve Gillmor, The First IM
  • LockerGnome Contributors
  • GnomeDex Sponsors
  • Every Single Gnomedexer

Ground Rules:

  • Always use the microphone
  • Blog, Cast, Snap, Share
  • Take extended rants/agendas outside
  • Play nice, play fair
  • No unnecessary upload/download


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