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Tuesday January 18, 2011 10:00 am

Facebook allows apps to access addresses and phone numbers [Update: Feature suspended]

Update: Due to user backlash, Facebook has suspended this feature for now. One reason is that, while it is opt-in to give this information to an app, you have to make that decision before you get to actually see what the app does, during the install process.

This weekend, Facebook updated its developer blog with some new abilities for developers of Facebook apps. The biggest change is the ability from those apps to now access user contact information like home addresses and phone numbers. This data used to be kept confidential from apps, but now they will be able to access it if a user grants that permission. There are some obvious uses for that, such as a shopping app which fetches your address for shipping purposes. Apps will have to explicitly ask for user permission, which will appear as a new entry on the Request for Permission screen, and they will be expected to follow Facebook's rules of conduct. The safest course of action, of course, is to not add your contact information to Facebook in the first place.

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Forum Discussion

Facebook apps can now access the contact information like Phone numbers and address. Particularly those who are using Facebook for business purpose, can’t accept this policy with pleasure. Facebook also announced that any application must have to get your permission to access of your Personal information before able to access your Phone numbers & addresses.

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At least before you "install" an app you can see what data this can access.. If used properly this can open up quite a few possibilities for legit app developers. Unfortunately not all app developers have your best interests in mind..

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Please let me know exactly what we are talking about? Is that about FB or any other thing

That indeed sounds good enough.

It is not a facebook, it is you letting them do that...you can always can change it in settings

Thats the point which I was searching for.

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