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Thursday June 23, 2005 12:23 am

$99 Laser Printer From Dell

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DescriptionIt’s been a while since sub $100 ink jet printers were first available, you know, the ones that cost $65 and suck down $55 worth of ink cartridges every couple of months. Well, thanks to Dell, you can now swap out your ink guzzler for a more cost effective laser printer without having to shell out $300 or more. Their new Dell Laser Printer 1100 does 15 pages per minute at a resolution of 600 dpi, and can print 2,000 pages per $65 toner cartridge.

Of course, this printer won’t be printing color at this price, but for those of you looking for a good home office/small business workhorse for printing text, give the new Dell a look.


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