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Tuesday July 28, 2009 3:34 pm

Harbor Master Impressions

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Harbor Master

Confession: I’m hooked on Harbor Master. Sure, I’ve been hooked on a lot of over the last year but Harbor Master has something to it that really keeps me constantly coming back for more.

The game’s slightly similar to Flight Control - where you’re tasked as an Air Traffic Controller and have to land as many planes as you can until they crash. You direct planes by drawing lines - ideally to a runway.

In Harbor Master, rather than directing planes, you’re in charge of boats. Rather, boats with cargo. You draw paths for boats to dock - and wait as they unload cargo. After the cargo’s unloaded, you direct the boats back off the screen into the mysterious off-screen sea. The game currently has five different levels with a new one promised every two weeks. Each level has a unique twist to it - one features pirates plotting to pillage your plunder, where you use a cannon to fend them off. In another, ships have different colored cargo that must be unloaded at different docks.

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The game is insanely addictive and is currently one of the App Store’s top sellers. The game also has online rankings and tracks high scores and a few other stats for each level in the game. Without a doubt, “just one more round” never actually means that with Harbor Master and its excellent gameplay. The most recent update also adds Twitter integration which enables you to brag to all of your friends when you get a high score.

Try this one - you won’t be disappointed. It’s only 99 cents at its introductory sales price.

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