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Tuesday November 2, 2010 12:28 pm

Let’s Create! Pottery review

Let's Create! Pottery from Infinite Dreams is not a new app, but it has remained rather unknown until recently when the company released the Let's Create! Pottery HD for iPad. This app is quite unique, and provides a very unusual experience. The basic premise is that you're looking at a spinning pot, which you shape with your fingers to create all sort of pots, vases and receptacles. The gestures are very intuitive, and reminiscent of working with real clay. You can make the object taller, shorter, smaller or bigger, and create all kind of rounded shapes for your works. Once you're done, you click on the firing icon and then the app will create the finished vase in beautiful 3D. The technology used to change that initial figure into a 3D vase is quite amazing.


Once the vase is done, then you can start customizing it. At first, the options are few, but as you make more pots, you can sell them to a virtual auction and gain funds to buy materials, colors, brush types, and ornaments to add to your creations. You have a selection of dozens of shapes from Greek to African and Egyptian figures, as well as simple basic shapes. The more you customize your finished objects, the more funds they get in he virtual market. You can also collect and share them in the community or on Facebook.

Overall this is a very unusual, very unique type of app, and can be of great interest to creative people. Let's Create! Pottery is $2.99 for the IPhone version and $4.99 for the iPad.

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